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I am of the party that believe sales is more emotional than logical. Hence, the reason businesses need to focus on building exceptional relationships with customers before flagging their merchandise
I help businesses in the Hospitality industry map out winning Email marketing strategy, create effective Ad copies and break down their technical drafts into easy to understand piece of information.


Email Marketing Strategy

I help businesses in the hospitality industry figure out the right ways to design effective email campaigns, nurture subscribers and ensure the right marketing goals are achieved.

Copywriting/Sales Letter Writing

I create irresistible advertising texts, taglines, scripts and sales letters that depict the brand’s purpose and evoke the desired response

Technical Writing

I transform complex technical information into a clear, logical and easy to read draft for your audience needs

Motolani Oyafemi is an Hospitality Email Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, and Technical Writer. She is driven by the desire to build brands and create exceptional customer relationship. She helps businesses figure out the right ways to nurture their audience. She is a Google Certified Digital Marketer.


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    Don’t fret, you’re in great hands

    I was in the same ICAN Professional class with Motolani. Her passion for writing was evident in her write ups and responses to questions. This earned her the Top 3 spot in our Case Study Writing class as our write ups were often graded. She has used this skill with her knowledge for businesses to create Ad copies that sells Micheal Daramola ACA. Internal Audit Manager; Quantum Travels /Founder MIT Professional Consult

    I never gave writers so much of a thought till I began to read Tolani write ups. She possesses the ability to transform complex content draft into an organized easy to understand piece of information. She also maintains top notch professionalism and a keen attention to details

    Fatima Rufai. CFO Regent Microfinance Bank

    Abdwakeel Olawale. Co-founder Simplex Solutions . Working with Motolani was a real pleasure. She is driven, enthusiastic and detail-oriented. She has a good understanding of finance,processes and business; this she has used to help structure a working Email Marketing strategy

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