10 Legit Ways To Grow Your Mailing List

10 Legit Ways To Grow Your Mailing List

A mailing list is a list of people who subscribe to receive news and updates from you via emails.

So, you have successfully added email marketing to your online marketing strategy. Click to learn how to add emails to your marketing strategy if you have not. You’ve got your website or landing page set but you keep wondering how you want to send emails to get the kind of returns statistics keeps showing when all you have is 10-20  subscribers

If you are still at the stage where you are wondering how effective E-mail Marketing is, click to read post on why your business needs email marketing

If you have read the post and cannot wait to have numerous people on your list, then, let’s get to work on the legitimate ways to increase your subscribers.

Warning! This article only discusses legitimate ways. You might want to look elsewhere if you cannot undergo the legitimate process

1 Make your Email sign up button visible: Some websites have sign-up buttons at the bottom of their home page. You stand a chance of losing out on people who will not scroll if you do this. While using a screen take over option will ensure people enter their emails before doing anything else on your site, it might affect people’s perception of your business. You may have it just somewhere at the top header, at the top right or left sides of your website and on different pages

2 Offer something in return for signing up: You should give every new subscriber something valuable in exchange for their email address. This can be a “How to guide”, discounts, free gift, etc

3 Make your sign up process memorable: It’s possible you got someone added to your list because of what you promised to offer in exchange for their email address. However, they can unsubscribe almost immediately after getting this offer. This is why your sign up process has to be memorable to keep them wondering what else they stand to gain from you in future

4 Send valuable content regularly: The keywords are “valuable” and “regularly”. One sure way to keep your subscribers wanting more is by ensuring they find your emails useful. This also has to be done regularly. Don’t make your customers wondering where you went to, when you send emails only days you feel like it

5 Organize contests using emails on social media: Organize exciting competitions on your social media pages. Ask that your followers enter their email addresses to proceed with the contest. You must it is worth their while and the winner gets something in return

6 Make your “subscribers only” offer public: Let your subscribers feel special and better than the others with premium offers, free gifts, news arrivals and news about your business. You will get more people joining your list when you keep making your offers public and exclusive

7 Ask your subscribers to share your content with friends: You can send emails asking that members of your list share your content to someone who needs it, mentions you and gets something in return for the referral

8 Know your subscribers: Sending appealing and valuable emails begins with knowing who your subscribers are and what is important to them. Ask that some customers offer more information about themselves, make sure you make some options mandatory. This way, they believe you have their interest at heart

9 Segment your list: Nothing beats getting personal with your customers. This is what segmenting your list will do for you. Send emails to your subscribers based on their preference, interest, buying pattern and stage in your funnel

10 Ask for permission to send Emails: Exclusive permission is a core best practice in Email-marketing. Send routine emails to ask if your subscribers are fine with the emails they receive from you, will like to unsubscribe or will like to update their preference

This has been more about the relationship, hasn’t it? Yes, the first way to get the best out of your list is by keeping great relationships with your customers because sales are more emotional than logical 

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