10 reasons your Small Business Needs E-mail Marketing

10 reasons your small business needs email marketing

10 reasons your Small Business Needs E-mail Marketing

As a small business owner, you often get intimidated by how big brands in your industry invest heavily in marketing campaigns. You hum and drool over how you wish you had a generous marketing budget to gain their traction and make sales

While being in line with trends and activities on social media is cool, you are missing out if you have not gone over the benefits of Email Marketing and how using it effectively can make you get more return on your investment like you were a big brand. Emails are a sure way to enable you to gain more sales while you stick with your budget

Here are 10 reasons why you cannot say No to E-mail marketing for your small business Emails are here to stay: “In 2017, global email users amounted to 3.7 billion. It is set to be 4.3 billion users in 2022”- Statista 2018. The more people sign up to have emails, the easier it becomes for businesses to reach as more customers as possible

It helps you build great relationships: Building great relationships is very important for every business. While Big brands can spend on advertising that gets viral, small businesses can focus on their relationship with customers to ensure recurring sales and advocacy

It helps you stay top of mind: If you can focus on delivering valuable content, your customers will always be on the lookout to read from you even if they are not ready to buy. You can also be confident that your business gets mentioned whenever they find someone in need of your product or services

It gives you an opportunity to know your audience: Customers are often willing to offer as much information as you may desire using the right approach with Emails. Your social media polls and surveys can be ignored by your audience. However, asking questions through Emails is considered personal. Hence, your customers consider their response valuable. Knowing your audience helps you serve them better

Email marketing is cost-effective: With the right goal and marketing strategy, all you may need for some of your Email campaigns might be a nicely crafted valuable content and a call to action. This spares you need for a fancy app or top-notch social media image

It increases your business reach: According to Forrester research; 90% of Emails get delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox, whereas only 2% of Facebook fans see your posts in their news feed. Imagine having created content and spent money on Ads only to find your ideal customers did not get your message in their feeds

It is inexpensive to maintain:  All you need to do is have a website that can only be a page, an irresistible offer and valuable content sent at the ideal times. You will certainly have your customers coming back to your business

You achieve a High ROI: “You can expect an average ROI of $32 for every $1 dollar spent on Email Marketing” DMA,2018. Who doesn’t want to achieve more with fewer funds and investments

You gain more mobile user reach: Emails help you reach more Mobile users. “75% of Gmail’s 900M users access their accounts via emails” Tech crunch.  Reading your message over the phone will make it easy for your customers to take actions faster

You are perceived as credible and less intrusive: People often get pissed when they constantly find posts of pages or brands they do not follow appearing in their feeds. This does not happen with E-mails. Your subscribers willingly offered their emails addresses to you and they are sure to keep that in mind so long as you do not violate them

The benefits and ease that comes with Email marketing are immense. It is high time you began to augment your social media activities with Emails

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