22 Hotel Terminologies You Should Know

22 hotel terminologies to know

22 Hotel Terminologies You Should Know

Just like every other industry, the Hospitality industry has its share of jargon. While this blog post cannot cover all of the terms, there’s a good number of terms I found fascinating and I thought will be useful. Here are 22 hotel terminologies that should come in handy


Bed and Breakfast; this refers to a hotel package that covers a room for the night and breakfast the morning after.


A hotel employee who’s responsible for attending to the needs of the guest. This could range from helping with luggage, booking reservations, providing personalized assistance, etc

ROH: Run of House room

This means your choice of room will be determined by the Hotel management based on room availability at the time of check-in. ROH rooms are usually rooms with basic amenities and no extras. However, you might get lucky if all the basic rooms have been booked


This is a room with a balcony, porch or patio. A balcony or patio is called Lanai in Hawaii


This is a table sitting arrangement wherein everyone seated faces the stage. It is similar to a banquet sitting arrangement.

House count

The total number of hotel guest at a point in time

Boutique Hotel

Small cozy hotels set up to offer luxury and comfort services to guests

Full Board

This room package includes all standard meals

Half Board

This is a room package that has breakfast and lunch or dinner


Per Room Per Night


Per Person Per Night

Shoulder Night

These are nights close to the peal period. It could be before or after

Rate Parity

This occurs when a hotel maintaining a consistent price across all channels regardless of the amount their online travel agents might charge

Charter group

An organized group that travels together based on predetermined itinerary

Complimentary ratio

The number of complimentary rooms given as against the rooms actually paid for

Rack Rate

Often called Published rates, it is the maximum amount hotels charge for their rooms before offering any discounts


This is a list of all the hotel charges billed to a certain room. Phone calls, laundry services, etc

LOS: Length of stay

The total number of nights a guest spends at a hotel

Feeder city

This is often referred to as a tourist’s city of origin or a faraway city that attracts tourists to getaway cities


Hotel rooms made available for 5 guests

Accessible rooms

These are rooms within the hotel with facilities for disabled people

Murphy Bed

Also called wall bed. This is a bed that can be folded against a wall or closet after use


I’m quite certain your hotel terminologies vocabulary has been upgraded. Don’t forget to share with someone and come over to flip through when next you’ll be spending some time in a hotel

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