5 People You Must Have On Your Email List

people you must have on your email list

5 People You Must Have On Your Email List

The saying goes; “the money is in the list”, of what use is a large email address database with poor quality leads

While growing your mailing list, you must ensure that you get the right people to subscribe to receive your emails. That way, you can get the best out of your Email marketing efforts. Click to learn ways to grow your mailing list if you are yet to have a substantial subscriber list

Here is a list of people you must, by all means, ensure you have on your mailing list

1 People who need your products and services: Why send emails to someone who does not have a use for your product or service? These are the people who want to read from you regularly. You can create a customer avatar of buyer persona to better understand the kind of people who needs your product

2 People who buy from your competitors: The saying goes “there are no new customers, they left someone to be with you”. It is therefore up to you to win the audience who patronize your competitors or use products similar to yours to your tent and show them you can do it better than anyone else

3 People who use products that can be substituted to yours: Your competitors are not only those in your industry. Some products exist as an alternative to yours. It becomes easy to prove to people who use products that can be substituted for yours when you have them on your list. Remember, they do not have to buy from you immediately

4 People who have bought from you: It is often less difficult to convince an existing customer and sometimes cheaper. They already patronized you. If you left a good impression on them, you have them for life. You must always stay in touch with people who have bought or patronized your service before. They have the tendencies of being repeat customers and also becoming advocates of your business

5 People who have the potential of buying from you in future: You want to keep being in business. While you pay attention to people who need and can afford your services or product at the moment, you must never let customers who will need you in the future out of your sight. You come to mind the minute they get to that stage or point of need

Hurry up and get scouting

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