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Hi! I’m Motolani



I am passionate about working with business owners to grow their businesses from Zero to One. I worked as a Business Manager of a Nigerian E-commerce company for over 2 years. Having run the business on a product owner basis from scratch, I learned what it felt like to invest wholesomely and anticipate returns. Most of all, I learned the importance of achieving recurring sales with the right message and email marketing strategy. I can do that with your Hospitality business too


Motolani Oyafemi worked as the Business Operations Executive for Habeebat; Nigeria’s foremost Muslim E-commerce store from June 2017 to September 2019. She handled all social media accounts , email letters, website product writing and copywriting among other things while she worked there

She worked for a Tax Firm (Nubart&Associates) as a Graduate Tax Associate where she was responsible for filing Taxes, replying Demand Notices and engaging with Revenue officials on behalf of Clients from March 2016 to March 2017

She worked with the Accountancy Department of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Abeokuta in a bid to fulfill her Mandatory Nation Youth Service(NYSC) to the Nation in 2015

Motolani has an affinity for constant learning

While pursuing her first degree, she was known by her friends as one who always signed up for paid and free workshops or seminars that she considered meaningful to her

She took the Wisight Consulting; Human Resource Business Professional (HRBP) Traning in 2014

The Edubridge Career Advisory Academy; Graduate Class Traning in January 2018

Adwords Integrated Services; Training on “Advanced Sales and Digital Marketing Strategies” in September 2018

Ultravange Solutions; Training on “Mastering the Sales Process” in March 2019

Sparkle Writers Hub; “Writing Masterclass” Training in Feb-April 2019

She is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)

She has an Email Marketing certificate courtesy of e-Marketing Institute Denmark

She took the Google “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing”  and “Web Analytics for Beginners” course in October 2019

She intends to take more valuable courses in future

You must wonder what an Accountant wants with Writing?

Motolani loved to express herself in writing while she was growing up

She happened to join and became a Scriptwriter for the Press Club of Federal Government Girls college Owinni Oyo where she had her Secondary School Education.

Her Primary School Teachers at Learning Land Montessori must have seen this coming when she was made the Assistant Library Prefect and later the Library Prefect because she always had the habit of reading any paper she came across before putting it back in its place.

This habit earned her “Professor” title in her school at the time.

She is usually being hailed about her ability with crafting words. Hence, she is often found helping friends or getting work referrals for Final Paper Essays, Application Letters, Business plans etc.

She is used to blog for Habeebat. Check out some of her works

Writing sometimes Paws her and holds her back from sleeping

She considers writing her calling and the one way to save her life

Despite holding an Accounting Degree, Motolani always chose to interact with people over financial statements and numbers.

While pursuing her degree in Management and Accounting from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife. She got herself involved in people-related activities:

She was the Mozambique Hall Floor V Representative for the 2011/2012 Academic Year.

She was a diligent member of the Welfare Committee for the Federation of Ibadan Students Union (FIBSU OAU CHAPTER) in 2012/2013.

She attained the Position of Vice President for FIBSU OAU in 2013/2014

She was the Human Resources Manager for the Student’s Professional Bureau of Management in 2013/2014

She was the 2 time Public Relations Officer for MDG’s CDS Group during her NYSC in Ogun State in 2015

She was also simultaneously the 2-time Female Public Relations Officer for the Ogun State Chapter of the Muslim Corper’s Association (MCAN) in 2015

That typically explains why Motolani Oyafemi is driven to help businesses achieve success

Motolani was a LASU Class 16 Volunteer facilitator for the 2018 ReadySetWork Programme of the Lagos State Ministry of Education

She is a Lagos Member of the Book Club; BookHangoutTribe

She hopes to be part of some more goal-driven and focused Volunteer causes in future

Get Personal with Motolani


Motolani is the second of four children born to Alh&Mrs Olanrewaju Oyafemi.

She hails from the Afofura/Ewenla Compound of Odinjo Ibadan. Motolani loves food.

Beans happen to top her list for anyone who knows her well.

However, Beans is not a match and can not take the place of her ancestral food (Amala and Abula).

One of the best things she enjoys doing is cooking and eating great meals; she does not mind swapping the cooking chore with laundry.

Motolani considers healthy meals very important and thinks very little of people who abandon meals in a bid to focus on work

As a child, Motolani always had a preference for radio over television.

She would stay up all night listening to her favorite radio stations till she dozed off. Her Dad granted her radio long life by turning it off every night.

She really thought she could be like the radio personalities she admired when she joined the Association of Potential Broadcasters Club (ASPOB OAU) in 2012.

However, she never went beyond her club in-house productions and featuring on the Osun State Radio Station Orisun Fm as an undergraduate.

She used to put her love for Radio to great use by co-hosting shows with her colleagues who work for Happenings Radio; a member of the Axon Analytics Group

She hosted the 2019 10 things in 10 minutes Ramadan Show for Habeebat .

Here is the Podcast to catch up

She does freelance voice-over services

Being born to a Father who gives up anything for his family must have rubbed off on Motolani.

She loves children and the unquantifiable joy and companionship that family brings.

Often times, she finds herself wishing she was born to Northern parents so she could have the opportunity of starting a family early.

Nonetheless, she makes herself happy when she remembers things she has accomplished and fact that starting a family early might mean a delay in achieving the things she now brags about

After being genuinely concerned and helping people, music, talking, reading and eating, there comes staring at the ceiling.

Motolani tends to find some inexplicable joy in simply laying in bed and staring at the blank ceiling for as long as she wishes to whenever she has the opportunity. Ideas probably fall off those places.

Whatever name you choose to give it, Motolani has found an inability to get over the fear of being bitten by a snake while using the loo.

She constantly finds herself halting the toilet performance to look over constantly, especially when the performance is not happening in her father’s house

Motolani nurses a fear of failing or losing at anything. Hence, you’ll find her giving her utmost best for anything she decides to partake in

She used to think she was the only one who could not stomach the fear of failing until she read Phil Knights Shoe Dog to find out people like her actually exist.

The last of its kind is the inability to help someone in need. She dreads being in such situations

You should follow her on social media to see the weird and cheerful part of Motolani Oyafemi