10 ways to avoid getting your emails marked as spam

avoid being marked as spam

10 ways to avoid getting your emails marked as spam

On average, 3.6 emails are marked as Spam each second ( Spamcop.net). Spam emails are believed to be unsolicited commercial emails sent mostly for advertising purposes to a large number of people. 

A spam box is a part of every Gmail account and emails considered spam lands in this folder. The Spam folder is not usually checked by most users. Hence, the messages that get in there are often ignored. The spam folder in Gmail is called junk folder in Yahoo, they both mean the same thing and serve the same purpose 

Reporting an email as spam is easy. It doesn’t matter how valuable you or some of your customers consider your content, some customers can decide to report your emails as spam for flimsy reasons. It is important that you understand your audience and how they perceive and evaluate your message. This is a key metric in sending the right message. 

Here are 10 ways to reduce spam complaints and avoid getting your emails marked as spam 

Do not rent, or buy an email list from an Email Collection Service or Directory

The first and easy step to avoiding being marked as spam is ensuring that you get your emails through legal means. People who put their emails up on the directory did so for reasons other than getting your commercial emails and you must respect that to avoid the consequences of being perceived as an intruder 

Request customers permission to send emails

You must ask for affirmative and explicit consent before sending your messages. The double opt-in option on some websites exists to ensure readers are certain they want to receive their emails. Doing this helps you filter out your customers 

Make your sign up process memorable

Put in all the effort to make a groundbreaking welcome email or welcome series. You will always be remembered for giving them a warm welcome. Your readers will also be eager to receive your messages and might consider marking your emails a spam a mean thing to do. Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression   

Make sure your email is valuable to your audience

No value, no talk. You’re not the only one trying to stay top on your customer’s mind. It is important that your messages are ideal and valuable to your customers. This makes them look out for your messages and  to ensure you don’t get marked  as spam

Send emails in line with customers’ expectations

The kind of services you offer or products you sell determines the content and frequency of your emails. Your customers understand this and so should you. Set expectations for your customers as soon as they sign up or get segmented.  Do not send emails at odd times or send haphazard content

Your “From” line must be of a verifiable source to avoid being marked as spam 

You’re well on your way to being marked as spam the minute your customers doubt the authenticity of your email source. You should sign up to use an Email Service Provider that authenticates your emails 

Stay consistent with Logos, colors, and messages 

Help your customers identify you my sticking to a certain logo and color and make sure every email accompanies these features. Avoid getting your emails in spam by using appealing images too. It goes without saying that your marketing messages must follow a theme that sets you apart from your competitors and help you become easily recognizable 

Give your customers the right to choose

Your emails could be valuable. However, the time it gests in a certain customer’s inbox might be inappropriate. Give your customers the freedom to update their email preferences as they so desire. You should also consider creating a segment based on these references as this is a huge determinant in helping steer clear of being marked as spam 

Don’t write misleading subject line or titles

Your customers are likely to tag you a phony and mark your email as spam when your email headlines and content are not in sync. A catchy headline is just as important as the body of the email and your offer. Pay attention to your headline 

Make your unsubscribe process seamless

Will you rather have a customer quietly unsubscribe or have them mark your email as spam? This is what happens  when your unsubscribe process is a hassle or they keep getting your emails despite haven unsubscribed  

Sending valuable emails is just as important as sending it at a good time and keeping to email ethics. Here’s a link to determine the best time to send emails. Send an email to contact@motolanioyafemi.com, let’s discuss how to create great emails for your list 



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