Every Product Needs A Sales Letter; Here’s Why

Every Product needs a sales letter e- Pexel

Every Product Needs A Sales Letter; Here’s Why

But first.

What is a sales letter

A sales letter is a piece of information created with the intent to make a reader buy a product or see the need to buy a product. It is a persuasive,  compelling letter that explains the benefits, features, and solutions a product or service offers. A sales letter could be a magazine Ad or an article. Online, a sales letter is often referred to as a direct mail or a direct message.

An online sales letter can be a landing page, direct email, website pages and forms, Facebook ads or even a Bio for someone selling a service. A well-crafted sales letter ensures the right audience does not exist without taking action. The goal is to convert a prospect to a customer

Some people hold the notion that sales letters should only be written for high-value products. I disagree. Every product or service was created with a buyer in mind. That buyer needs to understand the worth of the product or service they are putting money down for. Every buyer needs to be persuaded. Every buyer needs to be convinced. This gives them a reason to understand the product, not feel cheated and probably refer the product or service to someone who needs it

Gary Halbert; Master Copywriter calls it “Remote control selling” . “what RCS lets you do is, sell almost anything without ever meeting your customers in person… or even talking to them on the phone. These “remote control selling secrets of “killer advertising” can be used by anyone. Even a housewife, a student, or someone who is unemployed


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Why You Need A Sales Letter

  • Sales letters offer you the opportunity to persuade people without being forceful
  • Just like a well-crafted video Ad, it gets your reader in the mood and appeals to their emotions before hitting the sell
  • A sales letter gives the reader an understanding of your product and how it betters their life or business
  • With a sales letter, you can make a reader realize they have a problem. Trust me, some people don’t know a problem exists until they are being told
  • A well-written letter ensures a spectacular product or service doesn’t go unnoticed
  • A sales letter gives you the opportunity to answer your buyer’s pending questions
  • It exposes your market to your offer
  • You need proof or evidence that  your product or service is worth the readers’ money; a sales letter does that for you
  • You don’t have to come face to face with your customers to achieve sales
  • You need to hire a salesman
  • Your letter tells your product apart from your competitors because you’re sending your sales message in a way no one else can
  • There’s a destination, then, there’s a journey. A sales letter handles both


Every Product needs a sales letter

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How Then Do You Create One?

Every product needs a sales letter. But first, it has to be a product people want to buy

Gary Halberts Sales Letter Example

Gary Halberts Sample Sales Letter

Experience your product before selling

Be in the mind of your customers. Experiencing your product puts you in a position of authority, you are able to understand the value of your products. This way, you can interpret it and communicate in the language the reader understands. You can create a harmony based on your experience of your product. This will enable you to create a good selling environment for your reader

Set a goal

You must ask what you intend to achieve with your sales letter. This puts you on a course and ensures everything you do is towards that course

Keep an outline

Writing out your sales letter outline ensures you don’t put the cart before the horse. It helps you write with the flow in mind

Use headlines

Headlines prepare your reader for what to expect. Headlines help your reader focus on one thing at a time

Joe Sugarmans Sales Letter Example

Sales Letter Example: Joseph Sugarman

Read everything about your product

Researching your product, competitors, and the audience will help you craft your letter in the best light. You should read about existing ads and sales letters of your competitors too. Your reader can detect your knowledge of your product or service from your letter so you’ve got to prove you know your craft

Write in a clear and personal tone

The art of writing well is very important in writing a sales letter. Make your letter fun to read. According to Copywriter Joe Sugarman; your first sentence is the most important part of your letter. Not your headline or your subheadline. You must know how to weave your words well as this will make them read until the end. You should write in a tone that is personal and appealing. Your writing must be clear to your reader, write in your readers’ language

Offer as much information as possible

Don’t ever infer or assume that your reader knows your products. Do not believe that they will understand what message you’re trying to pass across. Lead your reader by the hand. Give all the information that will be useful to help them make a buying decision

Unravel the problem

Let your reader understand that there is a problem by identifying it. Bare it all


AH Institute Sample Sales Letter

Sample Sales Letter by Alexander Hamilton Insitute

Highlight the features and benefits of your product

After making your reader identify the problem. Show them a solution exists. Make them understand your solution is the best. Paint a picture with it. Emphasize your products unique selling point

Give a social proof or a guarantee

This could be a testimonial or a review. You can also offer a guarantee. It could be a promise to be wealthy, to be good looking or a money-back guarantee. Your product must be valuable for you to offer a money-back guarantee. Customers know that. “ if you deliver value, if you deliver value on what you promise to deliver, the only people who will ask for a refund are those who never intended to keep your merchandise in the first place” Gary Halbert. But, you must ensure you tell the truth while doing this

Identify the penalty

Let your reader know a penalty exists for not taking action on your offer. Let them understand your product is scarce or that it will only be available at a certain price for a while. Show them what they lose in the long or short term for not taking action

You must always conclude with a line that propels the reader to take action

“Ask, and it shall be given unto you”. Tell your readers what you want them to do. Give them options and ask that they use the one that best suits them. But first, you must ask


Every Product needs a sales letter d -Pexel-Image

Why You Should Hire A Sales Letter Writer

“We get better by doing”. Sales letter writing is what a full-time sales letter writer does. A sales letter writer already has the outline off-hand as a result of writing regularly. This you cannot take away

While the understanding of your product lies with you. You need to be able to write in a persuasive and compelling tone to get your readers to act.

You need to be like the reader and not the product owner. This state of mind might not be easy to come by but a sales letter writer can get into that state of mind in a jiffy

A sales letter writer has probably written something similar or has read something similar from the Masters of the Art. For instance, I read Gary Halberts Boron letters, I have read Joe Sugarman’s “ Adweek Copywriting Handbook”. I will be reading Dan Kennedy’s Ultimate letter shortly after the article and lots more relating to advertising.

It saves you time. While you are getting busy trying to read about the steps of putting together a sales letter. Your competitors who hired  sales letter writers are already on their way to making money

Send an email to contact@motolanioyafemi.com , tell me about your business and I’ll write you a compelling sales letter

My LinkedIn profile summary is a sales letter of some sort, read it here https://www.linkedin.com/in/motolani-oyafemi-ba790192/ . If you will not like me to know you viewed my profile then you can view my Facebook Business page story here https://www.facebook.com/motolanioyafemiwriterforhire/

It would hurt me to learn how people keep ignoring your superb product just because you cannot communicate its purpose to them. That’s exactly how I ache when I see products with drably copy accompanying them. Do better! Hire me to persuade your customers

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