Your Nigerian Hotel Needs A Blog; Here’s why

Your Nigerian Hotel Needs A Blog

Your Nigerian Hotel Needs A Blog; Here’s why

Inbound marketing has taken the marketing center stage and blogging has become a crucial part of it. We’ve gone past the age where individuals blog because they like to write. Now, blogging is a must-do for any company that wants to be credible and stick around much longer.

“Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI” Hubspot. So,  may I ask what your marketing priorities are?

However time-consuming it might be to blog, it is cost-effective and increases your website’s Google ranking. Your Nigerian Hotel needs a Blog, scroll to read 6 reasons why

Blogging increases website traffic

According to Hubspot; Companies who blog receive 97% more traffic to their website. Your website can be the go-to source for Nigerians who need information about hotels and some things to expect of hoteliers. Writing on various things related to the hospitality industry would mean you get traffic on your site for various reasons. Would you not like people getting busy with your site while you sleep?

Blogging helps you rank and keeps your website rich in content

You get to rank over your competitors if you use the right SEO tactics and blog consistently. It makes your website rich in content, active and up to date

Blogging earns you a credible reputation

You grow your online presence by blogging. You can create a strong brand identity in the hospitality industry and become the go-to place for hotel-related information in Nigeria. Then, you must ensure you announce your latest blog posts on each of your social media platforms so your followers can hurry down or share with someone who needs it. What better way will you like to earn respect?

You can tell your brand story with a Blog

It is your blog, you can do absolutely anything reasonable with it. Keeping a blog for your Hotel helps you share your brand story and activities, your growth, etc. You can also share your thoughts about hospitality trends, events near your hotel, weather or anything that relates to hospitality while you showcase your hotel properties, facilities, etc

Blogging can help you create a community

You can create a community for your hotel business with the information you share. How people engage and comment on your blog posts is a plus for you. You can also request that your guests send stories about their experience in your hotel. Doing these helps you grow a strong business to customer relationship

It makes your business human and relatable

You should blog about things from your high-class equipment, activities within the hotel, your employees, gossips, etc. Your guests and readers will feel the human side of your business

I bet you are convinced Your Nigerian hotel needs a blog for a sustainable long-lasting brand relationship. While it might be so much of a task for you, I can help you create content tailored to your hotel business.  Send an email to Let’s get you on the profitable side of inbound marketing. Image by Tesa Robbins from Pixabay

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