10 Reasons Your Nigerian Hotel Needs Email Marketing

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10 Reasons Your Nigerian Hotel Needs Email Marketing

The email newsletter is one of the most effective ways to get personal. You stay top of mind with your customers and prospects. For a personable service like hospitality, email marketing is a must-have in their Hotel marketing activities

Sadly, I remember a time when I needed details about the Hotels in Abuja. I never found information about Hotels except for the prominent ones. The ones with websites had sites I am sure no one is monitoring. So, I had to go through Online Travel Agents to view details about Hotels and packages available. Read about my Abuja experience 

Guess what? Those online travel agents still send me a minimum of 3 emails weekly about Abuja Hotels and ask when I will be back. That’s because they know how valuable email marketing is and how it helps your Nigerian Hotel  business stay top of mind

If you’re a Hotel owner, manager, marketer or know someone who does, take some time to read through the reasons why email marketing is essential to your Hotel marketing activities. You can thank me later after reading my 10 reasons your Nigerian Hotel needs email marketing

It helps you get repeat bookings

Remember I said the Online Travel agents now send me 3 emails regarding Hotels in Abuja weekly right? Yes, next time I am in Abuja, all I need to do is open the emails and read through the Hotels they have recommended for my next visit. Imagine if it was the Hotel I lodged that kept in touch with me that much, there is a 95% chance I will go back there because my stay was not bad but mostly because they are in my face. I will consider it too much of a task to start the Hotel search process again with the online travel agents. I am certain there are a 100 people just like me

You build lasting relationships easily and faster

Yes, you’ve gotten the repeat booking you want. What more? They have now become a friend of your Hotel brand. They evangelize your hotel as if you gave them money to do it. Meanwhile, all you did was stay in touch and offer top-notch services. Have you downloaded my 10 ways to boost sales with exceptional customer relationships? You should, you’ll find it very useful for your Hotel marketing activities. It’s easier to build a lasting relationship with emails when you segment and personalize your Hotel marketing messages. That’s something social media cannot do for you

You can talk about some other services you offer through Emails

I am certain rooms are not the only facilities available in your Hotel are they? Rather than scatter your Hotel marketing efforts by allowing travel agents to advertise your lodging rooms for you, another agent advertises your meeting rooms, another advertises your bar, etc. Why not use your emails to tell customers all that your Nigerian Hotel offers. You also spend less by doing this and achieve more with just one email

Share your Hotel’s recent news and updates

It’s easier to share news and updates to your customers about some renovations you’re doing and how grand it will be when you’re done. The endorsements you signed, awards you received, partnership deals you made, some gadgets you now have at your spa, etc. They feel like they are a part of your business this way. You can share updates about the events that will take place in your Hotel and the artiste or speakers that will be present at these events too.

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Show your customers around

While your website must have all your features, recent additions, and services, your emails should be the key to dragging them down to view all that is available within your Hotel. It’s easy to show your customers around with emails. All you need do is create the segments in your newsletters and have them click based on their interest. That way you increase your website visitors and this will tell on your Hotel marketing results

You get more deals on other services

Rather than sell discounts on rooms, you can give your subscribers some other offers. You can offer a free spa treat if they booked a certain room, discounts on some food at your restaurant if they lodged within some certain days, some special concierge treatment for taking some actions, etc

Send location related news

You can send messages to your customers about events happening near you. Why it is beneficial to them and you’ll encourage them to stay the night at your Hotel or relax at your bar or restaurant. You know you cannot send this message to everyone right? Yes, that’s why email marketing offers you the means to segment your list

Reward loyal readers or customers easily

With Emails, you can track your active readers and encourage them by giving them offers and deals that are exclusive to them. These deals become hard to resist when you give them the subscriber VIP feeling. Then, you can also ask something of them like referrals after rewarding them. It’s easy, isn’t it?

Grow your online presence

You can boost your overall hotel marketing activities with emails. Ask that your subscribers follow your social media handles and carry out certain activities. These ways, their followers and friends get to see this and join the activity

Get candid feedback

I bet you have a box at your reception with some fancy paper and pen asking that your customers give you feedback. Who has that time? Send Emails instead, ask them to get candid with you about your services and their experiences. It’s just between you and them remember? It becomes easy to be ruthless if they must. You’ll be better for it won’t you? and so will the return on your Hotel marketing activities

I bet you now have a rethink on why email marketing deserves a special spot in your Hotel marketing activities. While you might consider it hectic, I can take the stress off you. Follow this link to decide what you’ll like me to do for you and so can achieve a superb result on your online hotel marketing activities. Photo by Valeriia Bugaiova on Unsplash

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